Happy Fri Y A Y

I have had a great week !!!  So sad it is coming to an end but so much to look forward to this Holiday season !!!  Connie came home on Tuesday and we literally have not stopped since he got here.  We went to the movies, Wednesday night…Free Solo.  A totally amazing movie. We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen !!! 







Then on Thursday (yesterday) we went to the good old hockey game.  He bought the tickets and flew home and surprised us with the tickets for the his dad’s birthday.  What a great guy.  Great seats and they won.  It was so much fun.  We had Dinner before we went to the game at PFChang’s, hence Connor with the chop stick fang’s…





















We made it to the game after dinner and there’s nothing like a hockey game with family.  It’s something we all really love to do.  Here’s a youtube condensed version of the game Blackhawk’s vs. Ranger’s.  It really was an exciting game !!!!

He’ll be going home this weekend but we will be going out there for Thanksgiving.  Road Trip, baby Y A Y !!!  Just hope the weather will cooperate in the mountains, even if it doesn’t we will still be going just a bit slower…

When we were at the game last night, they were handing out posters, “Authentic Fan.”  On the back was their entire schedule for the season.  Just so happens when we go out east they will be playing in DC vs. the Capital’s (Stanley Cup Winner’s last year) so that’s where we will be.  I know I said I would never go to an away game again, but I don’t care.  I’ll behave and it’s going to be so much fun.  Then we will be spending Thanksgiving with their friends and families, so that should be fun.  Oh and we will also be staying at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond.  My absolute favorite place to stay.  It is rich in history and a beautiful hotel.


























 Shopping in Cary Town and OMG, I’ll be filling up with the Sugar Shack and Duck Donuts.  It’s going to be so much fun this year and the Holiday’s…I’m really looking forward to them.  Christmas, New Year’s and yes the Winter Classic.  It’s turned into a real family tradition and we are so blessed…Enjoy your weekend blogger’s ❤   

2 Comments on “Happy Fri Y A Y

    • We really like California Pizza Kitchen but the one we went to wasn’t very good…The movie was great though. Free Solo, very entertaining 🙂

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