Happy Friday…Happy Weekend

I just love, love, love Friday and the weekend and especially payday !!! It’s all good.   I just paid myself, my usual Amazon order.  I just love ordering on Amazon !!!  Planner kit is on it’s way from Scarletlime/Planner Society Girl.  Connie’s coming home with a special surprise for his dad..(Hawk tickets, shhhh) and I get to go too !!!!  Woo Hoo !!!!  What a great guy.  Those tickets are not easy to come by and the price tag on them is hefty.  He’s a great kid and we just love him to the moon ❤  So looking forward to next week. 

I just love this song so I must post it again.  That’s my love & life, “Perfect.”

 It’s almost November and that means Road Trip Baby, Y A Y.  That means I get to use my TN (Travelor’s Notebook).  It’s going to be a great holiday season this year.  Winter Classic is right down the road, i.e. South Bend, IN at Notre Dame !!!  Yes we are going Y A Y, again.  Thanksgiving is going to be in Richmond.  Staying at the historic Jefferson Hotel.  Just beautiful.  Life is good ❤   I think I’m going to get a new pair of shoes today.  You know what they say…

Stay tuned b/c I’ll have some really exciting news IDK when, but soon. 

2 Comments on “Happy Friday…Happy Weekend

  1. I’m having a blast with October !!! Love the fall ❤ Thanks for stopping by Mz. Janet !! Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Happy Friday ❤

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