Everyone needs a Happy Place

Good Tuesday morning blogger’s…OMG I am so glad that’s over.  Yes exactly, “What is over?” I’m sure your asking yourself.  First let me tell you I am no stranger to medical procedure’s/hospital visits/yadayadayada….  I have had 5 children (3 naturally and 2 with an epidural)  I was in the hospital for over a month when I was in a very serious car accident/coma i.e. traumatic brain injury, and surgery once.

This morning I had a doctor’s appt. for a blood test.  The doctor wanted me to get it before my appt. next week.  I was a complete basket case.  Really, I made the husband come with me.  My appt. was at 8 am because it was a 12 hour fast.  I worried all day yesterday and was up half the night.  Well it was a no brainer.  I went in (made the husband come in the room with me) and she took the blood, done !!!!  

I will tell you though, there’s nothing like the having the love of your life staying home from work to take you because you’re scared and you need him with you.   As she was drawing the blood, I looked across the room and there he sat smiling.  He winked at me, and I was fine.  

He is my forever, he is my happy place ❤ I think I’ll date myself, but this is our song from back in the day ❤


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