Monday’s Masterpieces

Well happy Monday morning…Weekend’s go by so quickly.  We did make it to the game on Saturday, 2nd half.  It was a little chilly, but the sun was out so it was not too bad.  We walked around campus and took a few pics.  One was of the rock, who knew…

In all fairness, I’ve been coming here (Northwestern’s Campus for over 42 years) yes I was young once too.Scan 26

I’m pretty sure that was me when I was 23 years old with my firstborn Michael Jr. and my niece Leahbelle…  The Wildcat’s won in OT so that was a good thing.  After the game we went to Walkerbros. Pancake House…Kind of a tradition.



Husband did finish up on his Monday’s Masterpieces…One is just in time for Halloween and the other one is great for fall.  Actually the pumpkin one he stole from my outdoor decorations at our home.  I like it though.  He immortalized it…


Have a great week…Summer’s over Mr. Nightlinger 😉

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