Life’s a Fragile Magic

I thought this would be a good song to listen to today…Life really is a fragile magic ❤  Blessings to all for a better week.  Let’s have a re-do for Tuesday…

Monday…Just another Monday.  It was quiet.  I watch the The Weather Channel literally all day long.  Well not so much watch it, but have the TV on that channel for background noise.  When I hear something interesting, I take a look.  Yesterday was no different.  They were having storms out in VA so I msg.’d my guys out in Richmond. I like to give them a heads up as they are working and I’m not sure they are aware of the weather outside.  I no sooner did that than everything started to go crazy out there !!!!  Here’s what I mean

As I am watching this unfold on TV’s Weather Channel, one of my guys is texting me.  “We are in the basement, the siren’s are going off.”  Just the sort of thing you want your son to be texting you in the middle of the day.  I knew exactly where all of this was happening as we spend a lot of time in Richmond with our guys.

Thankfully they were safe and they did not have any damage to property, whew…I’m just glad they made it through the storms.  Scary stuff, fragile magic…



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