Monday’s Masterpiece


I think it is turning out really good, I like it!!!!  But I like everything he creates. He has not put an Amen on it yet (signature) so I figure he still has more to do. 

The weekend went my really fast as they usually do.  It was quiet and fun.  It’s nearly hockey season and I am so excited for that.  We are going to try to go to one game a month so I hope they are good, the Chicago Blackhawks.  No matter, I’ll still have fun even it they aren’t.  Hopefully we will make it to the Winter Classic this year.  Looks like we will along with our guys.  Makes Christmas really simple and simple is always good.  Get ready Connie and Matthew it’s almost here !!!!

Hope everyone got through the hurricane okay.  Flooding is really terrible.  I’ve been through those before and they just seem to go on and on forever.  The weather has been very good here.  Hot and sunny, it’s suppose to rain this week though.  We really need some though.  Can’t believe summer is over, so sad.

Hope everyone has a great week.  Happy Monday, Blessings ❤


4 Comments on “Monday’s Masterpiece

    How can I get myself a piece of that beautiful colorful inspirational art work?

    • Just let me know which one you would love and we’ll do the rest. Get you a beautius frame 🖼 and ship it right to your door. I can get you the link to our PayPal for payment. Look forward to hearing from you. I’ve put up many of the painter’s artwork. Its usually tagged under Monday’s Masterpiece…

    • Yes it is. I can get you a framed price quote or just the painting itself … Just let me know, thanks for stopping by.

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