Happy Anniversary to Us

Yes today is my wedding anniversary so I promise you won’t have to hear me write about it any more.  Is August over yet ??  This is such an exhausting month and it has been so hot !!!  

So today we spent the day downtown in the city and although it is a beautiful city today was not cooler by the lake.  That’s always the weather forecast, especially in the spring, they always say the high will be 85 degrees but only 50 degrees by the lake, seriously.  Today it was not.

We went down by the river on the river walk and it was hot.  I was taking a lot of pictures because I think the city is really cool in pictures.

Then we went to his favorite restaurant, Chicago Cut.  I remember last year on our anniversary I had a dental emergency during dinner so I didn’t get to enjoy our dinner.  This year it was his turn.  He had to have a tooth pulled this week but I think if even if all of his teeth fell out he’d still have a steak.  Here are a few pics of the restaurant…

He goes there all the time w/customer’s so he gets the VIP treatment and they give us the best seat in the house.  They also gave us a dessert on the house.  

Here’s a couple more pictures from our wedding day.  Looking forward to the next 40 ❤ years !!!


This picture was one of my favorites…You know on wedding day how pictures are always challenging.  This picture I remember the photographer was having a hard time getting it just right.  Just as he was going to shoot the picture I dropped my bouquet and I didn’t move because as you see my dad was giving me crap, my sister Liz next to dad was laughing and mom was just trying to pick up the flowers and get the picture taken.  I just put my hands up and covered my face because I was done before it even started.  It was good being all together.  I think this might be the one of the last family pictures we had taken together.  Who knew … 10257904_10202013480242774_6044673606482183602_n

This is us when we were little, a year apart…Mary was born in 1955 and me  (the last one) was born in 1959.   Those were the days ❤  Sisters…

2 Comments on “Happy Anniversary to Us

  1. Funny wedding picture. I can imagine the day. I have four sisters too! All our names start with the letter “J” but we are much farther apart. My two older sisters were 12 and 10 when I was born and I was 5 when my younger sister was born. Almost like two families. Very happy anniversary!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by Mz. Janet. My two oldest are Irish ☘️ twins…Mary the oldest was born in October and Kay the second was born in September. I was the baby and it was not fun at all being the youngest. When I finally got in High school, we’ll let’s just say my teachers would say, “How many more of you are there?” I would answer, “I’m the last,” and they would say, “Thank God…”

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