Sunrise, Sunset

This was the end of the wedding picture above.  I was so happy that the ceremony was over and I didn’t faint or get sick.  The husband says you were just happy you got a fellow.  Okay whatever.  I was all of 20 years old that day.  This is one of my favorite pictures !!

Wednesday of My Wedding Week…I really love, love, love this song. This was the song I walked down the aisle too.  I like Bette Midler’s rendition of it and what she says in the beginning of how, “Things fall away as you get older and become clear, clearer than when you were younger, ” is so true.  When I watched the video, I got remembered exactly how I felt that day walking down the aisle with my father.  

This was the happiest day of my life ❤







Then there were other moments in the wedding that are imprinted on my heart…







and who didn’t have the “Wedding Song” somewhere along the line at the Wedding…

After listening to this song, I remember ❤  It was a glorious day ❤  At the end we were both really tired.  This picture says it all ❤

Our Wedding

 I’m still looking for some of the other pictures…It’s fun going down memory lane.  Weddings have changed so much.  I loved mine.  Hope you are enjoying the pictures.

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