Tune for Tuesday

This is my Anniversary week, the best week of my life.  We’ve been married 39 years.  Best decision I ever made.  The first time I laid eyes on him I was 16 years old.  I knew the minute I saw him that he was my forever, I really did !!!  Yes we’ve been together 42 years, 39 of them Mr. & Mrs.  So this was our first song, we have a lot of songs ❤  

Here are a few of our pictures.  We both have changed so much, but our love is still going strong.  He’s my best friend forever.  I think that’s changed to BFF 😉  I love it, he’s still the one ❤

12 Comments on “Tune for Tuesday

    • I don’t remember. I forgot after I turned 40. I think the 5 babies might have had something to do with it. They’re my battle scars ❤ and I wouldn't change it for anything. Thanks for stopping by Mz. Janet 😉

    • We really are, but then again we always do !!! Life is short, you must not waste it in sadness. Thanks for stopping by, you made me 😃💕😃

  1. I remember you being head over heels for Michael since day one!! Here’s to love that never stops growing! So happy for you two!! Love, Rita PS Love the pictures…lots of memories!

    • My sweet BFF so true. You have come back into my life at the exact moment I’ve needed you friend. God is watching over us. I call it a God wink 😉. ❤️ you dear friend ❤️

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