Happy Birthday to Me

Yes that’s right, today is my birthday so I’m going to do a blog.  I’m not especially  fond of my birthday and IDK why.  It’s not because I’m a year older b/c that doesn’t really bother me.  I actually don’t mind getting older less the aches and pains and not seeing as well or hearing very good.  Well I’m not painting a very good picture about getting older now am I.  

Really I am thankful for getting another year under my belt and reaching another milestone.  This month we celebrate twice.  First my birthday and then our Wedding anniversary.  Next year I will be 60 and we will be celebrating our 40th.  I don’t just want to celebrate these milestones with 1 day, so we are going to go back in time every month for the next year to someplace that was part of our story.   I’m going to tagline it Scarlet’s 60/40 great adventure.  It’s going to be kind of revisiting places and times and then now.  Kind of like where are they now…I’m going to try to put up then and now pictures.  Should be fun ❤

Here’s my song for today…Thanks for the memories Connie ❤



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