Happy August/Perfect

“Summer’s over Mr. Kightlinger.”  There I said it 😉  Not really but it is going pretty fast.  August is such a busy month.  Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, Wedding’s, Vacation’s…And I still have not got my garage cleaned out.  That’s my plan for this weekend, C L E A N  C A R & G A R A G E !!! 

OMG I got caught in such a bad storm last night.  Rain, Wind & Hail !!!  Everyone just stopped on the 2 lane highway that I was on.  So I sat there and my poor car got pelted with hail.  Thankfully it was just nickel size hail so I don’t think it did any damage.  It was just really loud and scary.

Well the husband woke me up early (8 am, that’s early for me) to take him to the train, ugghhhh.  So we sat there together waiting for his train and he gave me a song.  You know, a song that he thinks of me when he hears it.  He took out his phone and dialed up on youtube the video.  He told me to watch it.  When I saw that Andrea Bocelli was in it, well I’ve got the time to watch that.  Anything with that guy singing, well there are just no words of how amazing he is !!!!  We’ve got a lot of songs together.  We are celebrating our 39th year wedding anniversary this month.  Here’s the song we listened to which made getting up and taking him to the train totally worth it <3…The song is, “Perfect.”  

So it was an amazing song and video.  Getting up taking him to work, totally worth it.  Thanks for a giving me a great song to start my day off with husband ❤

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