Happy Birthday Connie

This is one of my favorite days of being a mom, one of my kids birthday 🙂  It brings back such great memories and I remember how blessed and privileged I am to be a mom.  Today is my youngest’s birthday.  I said youngest to save him from being called my baby, oops 🙂  Well he is the last one of  5 and I’ll say that he was the easiest one to get into this world.  

I always tell my kids that their birthday is a very special day.  I tell them this is the day that the world was changed forever, and it was.  When I had my first, having a baby was really back in the old days.  By that I mean, Labor Room/Delivery Room/Recovery Room/Postpartum.  No pain management other than breathing, OMG really.  Fast forward 10 years to Connor’s Birthday.  Private Room/Epidural aka No Pain/Delivery and rooming in with mom.  

It’s been great being your mom, Connie.  I’m done posting about your birthday now, I think, maybe unless I think of something else.  Here are some more of your pics.  I hope you are having a great day.  Love you ❤ to the moon !!

Mom & Connie Hockey Strong

I absolutely love, love, love these pictures of you two !!!  Happy Birthday Connie ❤

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