Happy Monday, Happy Memorial Day

What a glorious Monday it is.  The sky is bright blue and the temperature is warm !!!  It’s been a quiet weekend which is just how we like it.  Sleeping in, coffee, chit chat, read the paper, errands and riding around with our Mz. Bella.  Permission to nap in the afternoon.  Taking in a matinee at the local movie theatre.  Tasting BBQ again, my potato salad that is to die for !!!  Stargazing at night in the field in our backyard, and the smore’s topped off the evening.

We went out to the cemetery on Sunday and brought flowers to remember our little baby, Sean Patrick who lays with his Da and his Grandmama…All in peace with our Lord in Heaven.


 After that we kept on our mini road trip and ended up at Aurelio’s Pizza and Krispy Kremes…Y A YIMG_1426Then we ended up back home with plenty to eat for the weekend.  It was too hot to do the garage and who wants to work on a holiday weekend.   The husband did some painting and I am was busy setting up my Summer Travelor’s Notebook, so I guess you could say we worked.  Tonight it’s the beginning of the NHL Finals and we’ll be watching.  My pick is the Knights…I just think it’s been that kind of year.  How did you celebrate Memorial Day ???

 I have my reading for the month of  June…


I’ll give you a sneak peak at my Summer Travelor’s Notebook.  I can hardly wait to use it.  Yesterday on our mini road trip, I didn’t have one to take with me because it wasn’t finished and I feld absolutely lost w/o it.  I love to take notes about the day…Yes I know the table looks like a hot mess, because that’s what it is…But what will I have to do tomorrow, there you go 😉


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