Good Monday Morning…HRH



Oh yes I did have a royal tea party at 3am on Saturday morning.  It was glorious !!!  I’ll give you a bit of back story first.  I love the Royals !!!  It is my perfect place.  I know, I know it’s not but I think there is so I don’t want to hear it.  If you have anything negative to say about the Royals, move on b/c this is not the post for you <3…

When Princess Diana married Prince Charles, I was up and watched it by myself.  The husband was upstair sleeping.  I was a young bride of 2 years at that time, 1981… Then fast forward to 2011, it was Kate and William’s turn.  We were there (me and Mz. Beth).  So much fun.  Time to party again this weekend, (in case you were not aware of the royal wedding) it was Mz. Meghan and Prince Harry, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!!! and what a party we had.  I figured we had to blow it up as this would be the last time til the next one (Princess Charlotte) which we probably will be dead when that happens 🙂 but I hope not…

I’ll just show you the pictures and let them tell the story.  I’ll put the menu by the food pictures so you will know what we had.  The only thing that happened was   that right as the coverage started the cable froze, OMG.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack, but thank God it came back on whew. 




I forgot to put the 3″ circle in the ring, but it was still delicious !!!  The Strawberry Mimosa’s were wonderful.  We also had tea, straberry brushetta.  Beth brought these delightful little lemon teacakes and some blueberry scones.  I probably gained 100 lbs. at the party.  There was so much food, well just look at the table, OMG.



She wore her tiara and I decided to go with a hat this time !!!  Love it ❤  I bought 2 new hats.  Okay enough of us here were the highlights of the Royal couple ❤  Such a wonderful day !!!



Let’s get married !!!  How beautiful is she and that dress W O W !!!  Oh I’m crying now watching it.  She was just stunning and it was so Royal…



Y A Y  The Duke & Duchess 



A few more story book pictures.  Just be happy and smile 🙂



10 Comments on “Good Monday Morning…HRH

  1. How fun. I watched Charles and Di get married with my sister and cousin in Alaska and it was such a great memory. I was not as interested in Will and Kate or Harry and Meghan, although I do like to check out the hats. Your cheese and ham ring looks delish. We were up at 4 AM on Sunday to drive 1-1/2 hours to see our daughter graduate from college. Glad you got to enjoy your royal wedding.

  2. We had a blast !!! Friends, food and fun always makes for a good day. Good luck to your daughter and you for getting her through college. Trust me, I know how hard that can be ❤ Have a great week!!! Alaska W O W !!!

    • Thanks for stopping by Mr. Tony… We had a blast. I’m still talking about it and still eating a lot of those treats. 👑👑👑

  3. It was a lovely wedding, and I was more than prepared to watch it. Alone worked best for me, as I like to make comments, sigh, laugh, tear up, filling with very visible emotions. I didn’t have a lot of time the day before to round up too many goodies, but I did grab a bottle of champagne, pulp-free orange juice, and a lemon iced pound cake. I made some cheesy eggs, iced my mimosas, and sweetened by palate with lemony cake.

    I have always loved Harry, and Meghan is his best teammate for life. It was a beautiful service, with lots of sights and sounds as accompaniment. I wish them the highest and best!!!

    • That sounded perfect!!! It was really all about watching the royal wedding 👑 with my bestie but the food was fun too. Thanks for sharing. They are a perfect couple !!! She’s a real beauty. I think she’ll be my favorite Royal 👑..

  4. Oh and my favorite color is green. It really was a lovely shade of green and do you know what it means. It’s a good luck and growth for a happy, wonderful life ❤ See all I do is talk about this. I'm done 😉 for now…Blessings ❤

  5. I watched Charles and Diana while I was working as a nanny in Switzerland! There’s a story there. Will and Kate, yes, so regal, but WOW Harry (my favorite royal) and beautiful, luminous Meghan. Nobody does pomp like the British! 🤴👸🏽 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • So true. I watched Charles & Di by myself in our 2 bedroom townhouse. I think I was a bride of 2 years. I had a royal wedding tea party with Mz. Beth too at Kate & Wills. We really blew it up this time b/c it’s the last for awhile. Hopefully we will still be alive for Charlotte’s & George’s. Have a great weekend Mz. Martha ❤ It's going to be hot all 3 days, Y A Y I guess for A/C

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