AtoZChallenge…My Reflection

 UnknownI did enjoy the challenge this year…This was my 3rd year with the challenge and my third year completing the challenge.  I learned some new technical things (Blog Hop) about blogging.  I met some new blogging friends, and the Challenge helped me to maintain a daily habit of writing/blogging.

This blogging community is a very important part of my support system.  It feels very much like a family to me.  I enjoy reading about other blogger’s life experiences and styles of writing.  Most of the blogger’s I have met are kind, supportive and helpful when it comes to all things blogging.  I look forward to my blog everyday and really love the challenges.

I’m looking forward to the, “Road Trip.”  I’m pretty sure this would be my first year doing that.  It’s been real.  Blessings Blogger’s ❤   header2018-1  

6 Comments on “AtoZChallenge…My Reflection

  1. The road trip is something new and has me excited too Shirley! Well done on completing the challenge!

  2. The nice thing about the road trip is it gives you an opportunity to visit the people you didn’t get to during April, which in my case is a considerable amount… Congratulations on finishing the Challenge, and thanks for joining us!

    • Me too !!! Looking forward to it. How should I look for the beginning of the Road Trip ??? I’m not really sure how it works. Is there a badge for the 2018 challenge like previous years ?? Thanks, John have a great weekend. It’s cold and rainy here so I’ll be inside probably on my blog all day 😉

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