Happy Sunday/Happy Weekend’s

This one’s for you Connie.  I still think of you every time I hear it…I remember you dancing with your company to this song and how it brought me to tears.  I love you Connie 

The weekend’s almost over…How is that it goes by so quickly ???  It’s been a good one weather wise.   Saturday was warm and sunny.  Went for a walk, got the car cleaned up.  Watched a movie.  Now there’s an 1 1/2 hours of my life I won’t get back.  Really stupid movie.  At least it didn’t cost me anything.  The title of it was, “Non-Stop.”  It was just a really stupid plot and the acting was horrible !!!

Slept well last night, 11 hour house wake-up.  That’s what I call Saturday night sleep.  Whatever time you go to bed, 11 pm you don’t have to get up until 11 am.  11 hour sleep.  Saturday’s a 9 hour house wake-up and the rest of the week i.e. Sunday through Thusday is an 8  hour house wake-up…

Today is just going to be a chilling kind of day.  I’m going to play with the planner stuff and the husband is going to paint.  Read, write and nap.  Going to go have a picnic lunch out at a new spot we found.  I’ll take some pictures of it.  Seems really nice.  No ghosts there either.   I think we’ll watch the NHL playoff’s today.






This is my May layout in my Daily Planner and of course my dining room table that is now a hot mess again.  But I will be working on that today so I don’t care if it’s a mess.  Below is the husband’s latest, Monday’s Masterpiece.  Looking good 😉  Happy Sunday and Blessings for your weeks ❤  


4 Comments on “Happy Sunday/Happy Weekend’s

  1. Spent my whole day yesterday at a Scrapbook Day crop – 9 AM to midnight. Was there Friday from 7 PM to midnight too. Now I’m trying to get my supplies back in order!

    • A hotel meeting room about 30 miles away. It was hosted by my Creative Memories up-line. I managed to do 14 pages in my concert album. That’s 2-1/2 events. I was so happy!

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