AtoZChallenge…”T”is for Titanic

I’m pretty sure I don’t really even need to explain this movie…

And we can’t forget the song sung by Celine Dion…”My Heart Will Go On”

Now let’s find some fun quotes…I should know them, I can’t even say how many times I’ve seen the movie or sung the song.  She does a great job I think the song won the Academy Award for best song that year…It swept the awards that year, 1998.  One of which was best musical score.  I just remember it was a movie our whole family went to, all 6 of us.

Rose: [letting go of Jack’s hand] I’ll never let go, Jack. I promise.

[she kisses his hand and watches him sink, almost falling apart before she finally climbs back into the water to call the lifeboat back]

Rose: Mr. Andrews… I saw the iceberg and I see it in your eyes… please, tell me the truth.

Thomas Andrews: The ship will sink.

Rose: You’re certain?

Thomas Andrews: Yes. In an hour or so, all of this will be at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Cal Hockley: What?

Thomas Andrews: Please, tell only who you must. I don’t want to be responsible for a panic. And get to a boat quickly, don’t wait. You remember what I told you about the boats?

Rose: Yes… I understand.

Wallace Hartley: [the band has finished playing, and Hartley tells the band that they may go for the boats. He remains behind and starts to play “Nearer My God To Thee”. One by one the band comes back and plays as the scenes change. when the tune finishes, the water is about to swallow them] Gentlemen. It has been a privilege playing with you tonight.

Reading these quotes I remembered something we always say when we have situations in our life.  We compare it to the end of the movie when Rose is on the door and Jack is in the water.  We always try to figure out which one is on the door and which one is in the water. It’s usually the husband that’s in the water.  I just tell him that I didn’t make the rules 🙂  Have a great week…

2 Comments on “AtoZChallenge…”T”is for Titanic

  1. Good movie. It is interesting that Kate Winslet doesn’t like hearing the song anymore. It’s one of those movies I don’t mind watching whenever it comes on.

    • Me too. I didn’t know that about Kate. I’m sure maybe it’s the same way my guys feel about the some parts of the Nutcracker Ballet. They do it every year …

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