AtoZChallenge…”O”is for Ordinary People


I started the AtoZChallenge in 2016 with a generic plan of AtoZ, as I was new to the blogosphere and had so much to learn.  I met many new friends and learned much about blogging.  Very great experience.  For the  2017 AtoZChallenge I thought I would step out of the box and do the challenge with a theme. I have a love of Hockey and our Chicago Blackhawks were headed for the playoffs again.  The timing of that theme would be spot on.   I grew my blog and continued learning about blogging and Hockey.  So begins the 2018 AtoZChallenge and my theme this year is Quotes made famous by the movies.  I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am enjoying writing and researching.  


Ordinary People (May 6/02)

Though it does take a while to get going, Ordinary People eventually reveals itself to be an uncommonly rich and rewarding cinematic experience. First-time director Robert Redford takes his time in setting up the admittedly scant plot – which revolves around a typical American family’s efforts at coping with the death of one of their own – which effectively ensures that, by the time the close-knit group ultimately breaks down, the viewer has an appreciation for what’s gotten these characters to that point. Though Redford’s direction is remarkably self-assured and the script is chock full of familiar truths, it’s the performances that make Ordinary People as compelling as it is. Timothy Hutton, in particular, is quite good as a conflicted and tortured teenager who believes himself responsible for his brother’s death, while Judd Hirsch is equally effective as the psychiatrist who begins to draw him out of his shell. Though it’s perhaps a little bit too long, Ordinary People is intelligent and uncompromising fare well worth checking out.


Calvin “Cal” Jarrett: He just wants to know that you don’t hate him.

Beth Jarrett: Hate him! How could I hate him? Mothers don’t hate their sons! Is that what he told you? You see how you believe everything he tells you? And you can’t do the same for me, you can’t! GOD I DON’T KNOW WHAT ANYONE WANTS FROM ME ANYMORE!

Ward: Beth, we don’t want anything from you; Audrey, Cal, Connie and Me, we just want you to be happy.

Beth Jarrett: Happy! Ward, you tell me the definition of happy. But first you better make sure your kids are good and safe, that they haven’t fallen of a horse, been hit by a car, or drown in that swimming pool you’re so proud of!

Audrey: Oh Beth!

Beth Jarrett: Then, you come and tell me how to be happy!

This quote really stuck with me…That’s all for today ❤

6 Comments on “AtoZChallenge…”O”is for Ordinary People

    • Now that’s what I call a great memory!!! Really that was a long time ago…Thanks for sharing, sorry Raging Bull lost. Both were good movies, I didn’t see Raging Bull, I don’t think that was girl movie. Have a great rest of your week Mr. Iain

  1. I know, I’m remember thinking Lake Forest isn’t what I would think of when I think of Ordinary People. I’m thinking it was more like my neighborhood. Thanks for stopping by Mr. John 🙂

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