AtoZChallenge…K is for Kramer vs. Kramer…(playing catch up)


Playing catch up which what Sunday’s during the AtoZChallenge are meant for 🙂

I started the AtoZChallenge in 2016 with a generic plan of AtoZ, as I was new to the blogosphere and had so much to learn.  I met many new friends and learned much about blogging.  Very great experience.  For the  2017 AtoZChallenge I thought I would step out of the box and do the challenge with a theme. I have a love of Hockey and our Chicago Blackhawks were headed for the playoffs again.  The timing of that theme would be spot on.   I grew my blog and continued learning about blogging and Hockey.  So begins the 2018 AtoZChallenge and my theme this year is Quotes made famous by the movies.  I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am enjoying writing and researching.

I’m thinking we (the husband & I)saw this at the movie theatre and there was kind of a deafing silence between us on the ride home.  We weren’t married yet, but our wedding was  approaching so it probably wasn’t the best movie to go see so close to are nuptials ❤  That was 39 years ago.  I am not surprised by all of the awards it won !!!  I didn’t even know about those awards until right now.  So let’s go…

Kramer vs. Kramer is a 1979 American family courtroom drama film directed and written by Robert Benton, based on Avery Corman‘s novel. The film stars Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Jane Alexander and Justin Henry. It tells the story of a couple’s divorce and its impact on everyone involved, including the couple’s young son.

The film upon release received critical acclaim with particular praise for the performances of its cast. The film also became a major commercial success grossing $106.3 million against a budget of $6 million, becoming the highest grossing film of 1979. The film received a leading nine nominations at the 52nd Academy Awards, winning the highest five : Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Leading Actor (Hoffman) and Best Supporting Actress (Streep).

Let’s start with the, “Quotes” which I have found are more like just dialogue from the movie.  But it reminds me of the movie and I remember the scenes that the dialogue is from.  Now I remember why it was such a good movie.  It felt very real.  I know about divorce as I was in a family that was destroyed by divorce.  Divorce can be very, very bad and yes I realize it can also be necessary.  I am one of 4 girls in my family.  All of us are married and all to our first husband’s.  I’m not saying we all have matches made in heaven, but I just think we learned from our parents divorce it’s better to fix something if it gets broken.  Sometimes I think it’s too easy to walk away and start over.  When kids are involved, and you’ve spent years building a family it’s always worth fixing.  Getting off my soap box, thank you,(Applause, Applause)…

[Joanna is leaving Ted]

Ted Kramer: Come on now, what about Billy?

Joanna Kramer: I’m not taking him with me. I’m no good for him. I’m terrible with him. I have no patience. He’s better off without me.

Ted Kramer: Joanna, please.

Joanna Kramer: And I don’t love you anymore.

Ted Kramer: Where are you going?

Joanna Kramer: I don’t know.


Billy Kramer: When’s Mommy coming back?

Ted Kramer: I dont know, Billy. Soon.

Billy Kramer: How soon?

Ted Kramer: Soon.

Billy Kramer: Will she pick me up after school?

Ted Kramer: Probably. And if she doesn’t I will.

Billy Kramer: What if you forget?

Ted Kramer: I won’t forget.

Billy Kramer: What if you get run over by a truck and get killed?

Ted Kramer: Then Mommy will pick you up.


Billy Kramer: Who’s gonna read me my bedtime stories?

Ted Kramer: Mommy will.

Billy Kramer: You’re not gonna kiss me good night anymore, are you, Dad?

Ted Kramer: No, I won’t be able to do that. But, you know, I get to visit. It’s gonna be ok, really.

Billy Kramer: [crying] If I don’t like it, can I come home?

Ted Kramer: What do you mean if you don’t like it? You’re gonna have a great time with Mommy. Really. She loves you so much.

Billy Kramer: Dad? Don’t forget, once, if you can just call me up, okay?

Ted Kramer: We’re gonna be okay. Come on, let’s go get some ice cream.

When I started looking around for the video’s for this movie this one said, “Best Scene in the Movie.”  So naturally I watched it and I’m sorry I don’t agree.  Maybe the saddest one of the movie, but not the best…

[Joanna is crying]

Ted Kramer: Hi, what’s up? Tell me. What? What’s the matter?

Joanna Kramer: I woke up this morning, kept thinking about Billy and I was thinking about him waking up in his room with his little clouds all around that I painted and I thought I should have painted clouds downtown because then he would think that he was waking up at home. I came here to take my son home. And I realized he already is home.

I’m thinking this was probably the best scene of the movie…It’s when they start thinking about their family instead of themselves.

Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep were really very good in this movie.  Their pain was palpable.  Another good movie for a binging tv kind of day.  











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    • Thanks Mz. Janet. He’s still the one I want to talk to in bed, still the one that turns my head. We’re still having fun and he’s still the one ❤ (Just one of our songs ❤ )

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