Thank You to my Blogging Family

I’m going to post a, “Thank You,” to my blogging family.  I started this blog I think about 3 years ago.  Probably after losing my father.  You know the saying you can’t pick your family and I truly believe that, you can’t.  You play the hand you are dealt.  But you can build a support system in your life.  You can bring people in your life that will build you up, make you feel like your life matters.  You have something to say that matters in this crazy journey called life, and the blogging world has made me feel like I matter.    

 I have been blessed with a husband who loves me to the moon.  God must have saw something good in me and my husband, because he trusted us and gave us 5 children to raise and give to this world.  My life has been a challenge at times with trials and losses as each of us have experienced.  

I have had a lot of losses.  People that I have loved and thought they loved me have left, gone…  Unfortunately life got in the way and money and other things came in between that bond.  Like I said before, this is my happy place so I try to keep the negative out.  It does no good to go over it, especially here in my happy place.  I know I have people, “Trolls,” who read my blog.  But I don’t care.  My Matthew (#3 son who is wise beyond his years) said to me, “Don’t let those people live in your head rent free.”  I remember that and it brings me peace, and the demon’s go away.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.  This post was really about all the good people that I have had the privilege of meeting.

There’s Mz. Dee who is a really great writer and has become my lunch buddy.

 There’s Mz. Martha who won a painting from a contest I held at

 We share the east coast with each other, and she’s also a published author (How great is that !!!)

 Then there’s Mz. Janet who is my planner/crafting buddy.

 Mr. Dray0308 who has a gazillion followers and a great smile 🙂 oh and he’s a great one to leave your link on his blog so you can have a gazillion follower’s too

There’s Mr. Paul who is always there to make you laugh a little about your life or his…

 Then there’s Cee Neuner/Share You World which is a fun thing to do every week !!! 

Share Your World

I’ve also met some new ones recently. Mr. John Holton, I’m leaving his link below.  He really knows about blogging…

I started following Iain Kelly who I met during the AtoZChallenge another amazing writer, below is his link…

Mr. Tony Burgess who is a great guy !!!

I’m adding one more…A really sweet and kind person.  If you need some inspiration, give Niki a click.  Blessings, Niki ❤

So there is my list of just a few of the blogger’s I need to mention because they gave me a comment that helped me do one more day with a smile, because I have a friends who support me. To you, to all of you I say Thank you so very much for your kind words ❤  I know I didn’t get all of the kind blogger’s but you know who you are and I hope you keep following…Blessings to you all ❤

That’s what friends are for…Keep Smiling, Keep Shining knowing you can always count on me, that’s what friends are for ❤

Oh one more thing, I had a dental emergency so I got behind in the AtoZChallenge and I didn’t get the letter, “K” up for today.  I’ll do it in the morning because I really had to write this blog to thank all of you !!!  ❤






14 Comments on “Thank You to my Blogging Family

  1. Scarlett, what a dear you are—not one of those other DEER of course—I’m honoured to be counted among those you call, your blogging family. I’m equally delighted that I’m able to bring a smile to your face! Sorry to hear about the dental emergency and want to wish you a speedy recovery in time for you to enjoy your weekend. Again, many thanks for that nice shout out. ‘O)

    • You are a real sweet heart 💜 and I too am honored to have you in my blogging family !!! Thanks I have an amazing dentist and he fixed me up straight away 😉

      • OMG I do agree and I’m so lucky that our dentist is our best friend. We started out as neighbors 39 years ago when we were young marrieds. He knows not to hurt me and I’ve told him he will never be able to retire.

      • Yes he does and we have the stories…So many, it’s good to have such wonderful friends and great memories !!! What do they say, Friends for life b/c we both have the goods on each other…Have a great weekend Paul. It’s going to be horrible here. Snow/Wind/Rain/Raw/Cold…I hate the midwest !!!

  2. What a sweet tribute, Patti. I am glad we connected last year. Hope the dental emergency isn’t too bad. Thanks for including me as a blogging friend, back at you.

    • LOL which in my book stands for Lots of Love 💕 Went to Michael’s yesterday and I really think I need an intervention. I should not be allowed in craft stores 😀

  3. Thank you for the shout-out, Patti! I’m catching up on posts today – so many blog posts and I want to read everyone’s! You’ve been doing a great job with your theme, by the way!

    • So sweet Mz. Martha. No worries, I know the husband was out of town and I think 🤔 this is the first day in I’ve gotten out of my pj’s. I’m playing catch up too. Have a great weekend. I’m staying in Snow/Rain/Wind … Just awful here.

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