Sell Something Saturday

Good Saturday Morning Blogger’s and Happy Easter.  The weather here is just atrocious (wow, spellcheck said I spelled that right the first time, boom).  Who knew I could even spell that good.  But for whatever it really is totally atrocious.  Damp, dark, rainy and cold.  And if you’ve been following lately I’m sure you have heard me say a few times, “This is why I hate March!!!”  Oh and did I mention, I     H  A T E   M A R C H…but thank you, today is March 31st.  Y A Y  that means tomorrow is April 1st Y A Y.

Okay back to sell something saturday.  The Painter has been working on many new pieces this month.  I think I’ve showed them to you.

I like to watch the process of him creating.  He uses a pencil, an eraser and a piece of paper, 3 tools to begin his painting amazing.  I am ready to tell him to sign it (for these 2 painting’s) and put an Amen to it already.  🙂

Remember to stop be our store, we’ve been adding new things all the time.  I hope the weather is better where you are and that you have a great weekend.  Oh and for all those who are celebrating, “Happy Easter.”  The Painter is taking me out for a brunch downtown tomorrow.  We’ll be going to Easter Vigil tonight.  Happy Spring.   Here’s the link to our store… 


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