Good Morning Monday/AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal

Monday, Monday…Rainy days and well you know the rest.  Not crazy about Monday’s but today I am looking forward to the A to Z Challenge.  It’s still cold outside with no warm-up any time soon.  I suppose it’s all relative because if it were January, it would feel warm, 30’s and 40’s…Yesterday it was in the 50’s, so I should really stop complaining.

The weekend went by really fast and our Blackhawk’s lost both games this weekend.  I’m pretty sure they just want to get this season over and are phoning it in right now.  It was a disappointing season, they really should’ve done better with all of the talent they have on their team.  I think losing Corey Crawford (Goalie) really hurt them and their two stars didn’t have one of their best season’s either.

I’m looking so forward to the A to Z Challenge that is starting soon.  I’m doing 2 challenges.  I’m going to be doing, “Movies/Famous Quotes.”  I’m also going to be doing one from our site… 

Here is what the Painter has been working on.  He said these painting’s are going to take him awhile to finish.  

I really love the Lily Pad’s and the girl is Billy Holiday.  As they say, “We’re burning daylight.” Going to get this Monday morning going before it turns into this afternoon.  Have a great week bloggger’s ❤  


10 Comments on “Good Morning Monday/AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal

  1. I’ve always figured you can’t go wrong with a movie theme. I know I enjoy reading stuff about movies.

    Good to have you back with us for another A to Z Challenge.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Thank you so much…Besides having a song for every situation, I usually can come up with a quote for every situation. I can’t take all the credit though. I’m surrounded by artist’s of all kinds. The husband’s a painter (not his day job) two of our son’s are professional ballet dancer’s and I have one amazing piano player.

      Looking forward to the AtoZ Challenge. Thanks for visiting, come back soon. Would love it if you would check out the husband’s art…

      Blessings ❤

  2. Wow, two themes! That is pretty ambitious. I can only handle one at a time 🙂 Looking forward to checking out both of yours.

    • Well I’m going to give it a go. I think it will work out and I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for stopping by,

    • How exciting. W O W you are going to love it. The husband is a real movie 🎥 kind of guy. Just one of his talents, very smart. If had not been for him, I would of never saw any of the great movies 🎥 (as well as an avid reader too). He’s a great artist too. You can even go check out his art work on our site. Thanks 🙏🏻 so much for stopping by and am looking so forward to the challenge. Blessings 🙏🏻

    • It’s going to be fun…Really looking forward to it. I really love, love. love how you set up your page for the challenge. Would love to know how you did that. It looked really great. Thanks for stopping by and the encouraging words. Patti

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