Good Morning Monday

Don’t those weekends go by fast, let’s hope the week goes by that fast.  The weather is going to be bad this week.  Winter weather advisory/problems with snow & rain and that is why I hate March.  But it’s all good.  I had a really great weekend and this rainy cold week will give me time to work on what I need to do inside.  

I learned how to scan and save to the computer and my files this weekend.  Now I know for most of you that’s probably not a big deal, but it is huge for me.  I now can take my gazillion (is that even a word ???  well it is now because this is my blog and I can say it is 😉 ) pictures and save what I want and get rid of  what’s no use to  me.  If I don’t love it, it’s just clutter and I’m now going to de-clutter everything. Thank you  😉 Mz. Beth…Here are a few pics of what I scanned, really so happy about it 🙂

So much to look forward to.  Spring and warmer weather, longer days…Spring Cleaning…Finally making it to V E G A S   B A B Y, YAY YAY!!!  Planning are vacation  this summer for our 39th wedding anniversary.  It’s going to be in Maine.  Fly to Boston, see a Red Sox’s Game.  Drive to Portland then Bar Harbor.  I can already taste the Lobster Mac n Cheese and the Blueberry Pie, heaven ❤  We are actually going  to go shopping for new  spring/summer wardrobe’s and my favorite thing to shop for, an airplane outfit.  I know, you can tell I travel a lot.  I think it’s more fun to plan and look forward to the trip, than the actual vacation.

It’s a good week… housecleaner’s and nails.  I really love when I get the house cleaned.  Because of my hand, I can’t do the real down and dirty housecleaning anymore which is fine with me.  It’s only me and the husband so I really only need the housecleaner’s once a month.  I’m also doing Adoration once a week, and that’s a really nice hour I look forward too.  It’s also the start of a new month, so I’m getting all my planner layouts for March done.  I’ll put some pics of those up when I’m finished.

Did you watch the Oscar’s last night ???  So happy that Gary Oldman won Best Actor.  That was the only movie I went to last year.  He really deserved it and I see as per usual, people are taking him down for whatever.  That’s why I didn’t watch the Oscar’s because I have zero in common with any of those people and Hollywood just annoys the hell out of me.

Going to get this day going. Hope everyone had a great weekend and hope you have something your looking forward to in your week this week.  Here are a few more of my pictures that I got loaded up, yay !!!  Go me !!!

Graduation Picture, 1974 (I think)
Date Night
Milwaukee Ballet



4 Comments on “Good Morning Monday

  1. You changed your website too! I love when I figure out how to do things on the computer. Congrats. Lovely pictures.

    • Thanks Mz. Janet ♥️ Are you doing the ATo Z Challenges?? I am and you helped me pick my challenge w/o even knowing it… Hope your week is going to be a good one. Thanks for stopping by ♥️

      • I’ll be there with the A 2 Z too. Glad I could help you with your theme. Can’t wait to see what it is.

      • Yes it will be fun and I’m so looking forward to it. I’m thinking I’ll go two A to Z challenges, one on my blog and one on our business blog It’s a great way to grow your blog. Thanks for stopping by, have a restful evening 😴😴

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