First Friday

Only because it is.  It’s the first Friday of March.  If your catholic, it’s a special day.  IDK all of the exactness (is that a word ??? Don’t know, don’t care it is now) anyways if you go to church on the 1st Friday, say a rosary, get communion, and on and on and on you get some sort of plenary indulgence which is a good thing to get.  I’ll research it and get back to you on it.

Really that isn’t even what I was going to blog about.  The weather is sunny, albeit a bit chilly and I really don’t like March because it is a schizophrenic month.  It’s cold, it’s warm, it snows and has tornados.  The only thing that I can get my head around is, the days are longer and meteorologic winter is over !!!  Y A Y 

It’s the beginning of a new month so I’ve been busy getting my planner layouts set up.  Planning what to do for Easter and our summer vaca.  I think we are going to go back up to Maine.  We really love it up there.  Bar Harbor to be exact.  We are going to start off flying into Boston and go to a Red Sox game.  Getting a very cool ticket package with all kind of perks.  Then we will drive up to Portland, ME and hang out for a few days.  We use to live up there a lifetime ago and then finally drive to Bar Harbor and stay there for about a week.  Here is a picture of our house and a little video out at Higgin’s Beach (the husband’s fav place.)  When we lived out there, he would go there every morning, before work and evening after work, before he came home.  I think that’s where God told him to go be an artist, and he did.  After loading up the pics from our vaca a couple of years ago, I think I’ll do a post of it.  Great memories and it will just feel good to relive those memories.

It was a great time in our life.  The trees were massive and I made some really great friends who I still keep in touch with.  We will probably stop by and see them too.  You could smell the salt water from the ocean.  That’s how close we were.  The husband just loves it up there.  I’m pretty sure that’s where we are going to live again someday ❤  

Enjoy my little video and enjoy your weekend.  I hope if you are out in New England you are being safe and that nasty Nor’easter is not ruining your life…Looks really bad.  Stay safe it you are out there…Sorry about the background noise, obviously I’m not a videographer 🙂

Here is the picture he did while we were out there…

The Portland Headlight
The Portland Headlight

The Portland Headlight
Patti & Mike

This was just the best vaca.  I remember it was just what I needed at that time.  Like I said, Great, Great memories.  My smile says it all…”I really love my guy and I’m such a lucky girl.”  A picture is really worth more than 1000 words.  It’s my life ❤  Have a great weekend ❤   

3 Comments on “First Friday

  1. Gorgeous! Love the house and the lighthouse. Mike did a great job with the painting. I happen to like March (my birthday month) and we don’t get all those extreme weather changes here. I thought they did away with purgatory, which was the reason for getting “credits” for doing those praying things. I’m Catholic but it’s been a while since I learned the rules, which they seem to keep changing anyway. Nice video too by the way!

    • They do have a lot of rules, that me and the husband debate quite a lot. His answer for everything is just to say a perfect Act of Contrition as to an imperfect Act of Contrition. 😉 … and you just gave me another reason to like March, Happy Happy ❤ Yes I have to agree with you, he's really a great artist and we look forward to the day that he'll do that full time. “Until that time Eustis, Until that time ❤ …Soldier in the Rain, 1963."

  2. Oh yeah, he’s a really big movie 🎥 nut and has a quote for everything and every situation… That’s where I came up with the quote.

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