Good Morning Monday

Another week, yay.  Don’t you just love, love, love Monday.  Really I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I think it’s good in the spring/summer months, not so much in the winter.  We have another storm to deal with this week but luckily we will be on the warm side with about 4″ of rain and 60’s…  At least it’s payday this week and mani/pedi.  I think I’ll even get my hair done.  You just have to keep it going when the winter blues set in.  Did you see the Painter’s latest creation ??  I really love them ❤






So I have Monday all planned today in the planner.  It’s cloudy and rainy so I think I’ll bake a cake to go with dinner tonight.   Just going to hang out inside, maybe permission to nap although I did sleep in rather late today.  It is just that kind of day.  Maybe even binge some Netflix.  It doesn’t say that in my planner, hey but plans change.  


It’s going to be a good night for TV…Blackhawk’s vs. LA Kings, puck drops @7:30 pm and the Good Doctor (ABC) is on at 9 pm.  So if the Blackhawks get edgy, I can switch back and forth….

Snows almost all melted and will be gone after Tuesday, yay.  Soon I can put away my snowmen and start spring cleaning.  Have a great week.  

We sold a painting last week too.  That’s always an encouraging sign.  Go check out the store, we’ve added some new paintings ❤  This is the one we sold, “Geronimos Cadillac.”


Time to get this day rolling ❤  Thanks for stopping by ❤


4 Comments on “Good Morning Monday

  1. No storms here but it is COLD (at least for us – 40’s and 50’s). I just re-lit the furnace. You are inspiring me with your planner pictures, keep em coming!

    • Thank you 🙏🏻 I live for my Planner. It keeps me positive and it keeps me focused. It all makes me feel good. It holds my positive thinking … Thanks for visiting 😉

  2. Mondays don’t make that much of a difference now that I’m retired. My wife was off work this past Monday so we did stuff rather than me just staying home. It was nice.

    The paintings are very nice.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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