Happy Sunday

The weekends go by too fast.  It’s been a good one though.  We just hung out yesterday and worked/played with our paint and planner’s.  Then we went to Saturday night mass.  I love being Catholic.  I really have nothing but great memories from being Catholic.  Church, Catholic School, Lent & Easter up at my grandmama’s with all the family.  Really great memories and for that I am grateful for.

After that we went out and grabbed a bite to eat and came home and watched the Blackhawks.  They have been struggling to say the least but I still like to watch my guys.  They scored first and then it got tied up.  After that, well let’s just say it became the Madhouse on Madison.  

 My Blackhawks are back, at least they were last night.  They played the Washington Capitals and won big time, 7/1.  Pucks were finally making it to the back of the net and they were playing some great defense and on offense, well the score speaks for itself on that one.  Anisimov scored his 15th goal for year, Patrick Kane became only the 8th US player to join the 300/500 club for goals & assists and Hartman, forehand, backhand, upstairs boom !!!  S C O R E …It was a fun game to watch.

I think we should extend the, “Sell Something Saturday” to, “Sell Something Sunday.”   I’ll put up my links again.  I did add the, “Mr.’s and The Jazz Band,” to our sights.  Don’t let the prices scare you, everything is negotiable.



So go shopping today, we are always open. Have a great rest of your weekend and don’t forget to check back tomorrow when I put up Monday’s Masterpiece…I’ll have to see what he’s working on.  Blessings on you Sunday ❤  Weekend’s over Mr. Kightlinger ❤  


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