Happy Thursday

It’s been a busy week….They really do go by fast. My planning area is a hot mess and I am way behind in my journaling. I got ashes yesterday and been working on our business. It’s so random, and catches me off guard. Today we sold, “Geronimo’s Cadillac,” framed through our Handmade Amazon acct.  This is the link to our Amazon Handmade Store…



That gets a little more complicated when it comes to the shipping. Everything was handled the Amazon way so I/we, Elan Creations didn’t get any dings whatever that means.  When you get an order through Amazon, they want it shipped yesterday and the price they charge is so wrong and I have to go into the back of the site and fix it.  The the buyer thinks that too much and blah, blah, blah.  Do people not get that it’s a framed picture with glass weighs about 11lbs plus you need to use special packing material.  Then that adds to the cost of shipping it across the country.  Whatever, it’s all in a days work.  Here’s the picture we sold.  It’s so much easier when we sell through our site…



I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day…The husband made me flowers and these won’t die.  They are absolutely beautius.  Well let me know what you think…I absolutely love them ❤  Such a romantic ❤  Well it’s a foggy morning and we are melting a lot of the 17″ of snow we got last weekend.  It’s a mess out there.  Hang in there, it’s almost the weekend…Y A Y  Did I also tell you the husband is a romantic.  Here’s one of the songs he says is our song. We have a lot of songs 😉



Enjoy your Thursday, Blessings ❤   





2 Comments on “Happy Thursday

    • Hi Janet, I think so too. I was going to write a blog for him, but time got away from me. I didn’t think he would remember VDay and he was busy back in his art room painting. Then he comes out and gives me the painting and says Happy Valentines Day. What a great guy ❤ I have to agree with you, he's really special ❤ Thanks for stopping by 😉

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