38 years ago, today

I knew I must have already posted this on a previously anniversary. But today’s the anniversary 38 years ago. It’s a very strange feeling I have about this day. I learned so much from that accident and I still remember how fragile life is. I am blessed and I take very little for granted. I believe in God and he has a plan for all of us and he is the one who’s in control. My life has a purpose. If I would of left the earth that day, 5 lives would never have been. I have learned that gratitude and being grateful can get you through a lot of life. I learned about commitment, vows of for better or worse, til death do you part. I saw the man I married show what he was made of and how lucky I was to have him in my life. He’s is and always has been my rock, my person. I love you husband ❤ So if you feel like it I’m re-blogging this post and you can read it because it’s part of my story and it has a happy ending 🙂 Blessings but I think I’ll just stay in and have pj kind of day. Because it’s snowing and I really hate driving in the snow ❤


Yes today is an anniversary.  It is probably one of the most important anniversary’s in my life !!!  No it’s not a wedding anniversary or the day I met my husband.  It’s not anything like that.  Today is the anniversary that changed my life forever.  It is the day that I learned how fast your life can be changed in literally a second.   It was a day just like today, bright sunshine, chilly.  A typical winter day.  

It was Saturday and I had my errands to run.  When I got up that morning, I did spa day.  You know shave the legs, groom the eyebrows, a mini facial and all the lotions & potions of course.  We were going to a wedding that evening (a close family friend) so I got my shower/spa stuff out of the way.  My first errand was a doctor’s appt.  I had not…

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