Monday’s Masterpiece

Good Monday morning blogger’s.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was good.  I actually got a lot done 🙂  You couldn’t tell that by my Dining Room table, but let’s face it,  that is a table of someone who has a lot going on in her life.  I call it my “Happy 🙂 Hot Mess  🙂 ”  img_1011

So that was my weekend layout and I am having so much fun playing with my planner supplies.  I have also started Bible Journaling.  

I have a great name for my Bible Journal…”#Catholic Prayer’s Common Place Book.”  I also have a, “#Catholic Bible Common Place Journal.”  I will admit, I didn’t come up with, “Common Place Book,”  Cori Speiker did.  She’s a very talented artist that I get a lot of my planning supplies.  She did come up with the #Crafty Common Place Book.  I love my names  though, and that’s just what they will be named for in my Planner Library.  Yes I have names for my planner’s and a library.  It’s my Happy 🙂 Place…   

I did get all caught up on my journaling this weekend because the weather was just not good…Well look for yourself

This is how it is going to be all week long so I’m sure I’ll be able to get along more done.  Ah winter in the midwest, you have to be nuts to live here.  Well as long as the husband works here, here is where we will be 🙂  Which is fine because nothing lasts forever and I do love the 4 seasons ❤ and Chicago is pretty cool too !!!

Yes we also had a fun time watching the Superbowl.  I made some food, which I love to do and we just got in some comfy clothes and stayed warm with each other and our dogs.  img_0932

Oh and back to my original blog post…”Monday’s Masterpiece”  He didn’t finish it because as he says, “You just can’t rush greatness and I want to watch the Superbowl 🙂 ”  So here’s how its going now…

And I’m going to add his reading stack for February, which I’m sure should not come as a surprise to anyone…Have a great week.  Blessings ❤


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4 Comments on “Monday’s Masterpiece

  1. Wow that snow is beautiful but then again, I don’t have to live in it. Love Michael’s painting. Did you mention what brand the planner is that you are using? I’ve been meaning to do bible journaling too but haven’t started. Too many other “projects.” Thanks for sharing yours.

    • Happy Monday Janet. Really the snow is just cold and annoying and I hate, hate, hate driving in it. We went out and got coffee in the morning and what should have been an hour door to door trip, turned into about 2 hours. You have to really drive slow and watch out for the people who don’t get that it’s slippery…S L O W D O W N. I use a lot of different ones but I’m a Websterpages planner girl these days. I really love them and they hold up really nice. The bible journaling is really fun and it’s a great way to read the bible. Thanks for stopping by and hope your weather is better.

    • The Planner that is in the picture is from Franklincovey’s “La Vie En Rose” daily planner for 2018. This has been my favorite one to use for a daily planner. I absolutely love, love, love this one ❤

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