January 31st

I know can you believe it…January is in the books.  The weather has been tolerable too, dare I say even good to acceptable.  The snow is gone, the suns been out for the most part and it hasn’t been that terrible arctic tundra feeling like your car has square wheels when you’re driving.  I’d say we have made it through winter, but I know better than that.  February can be challenging but it has a couple of saving graces.  It’s a short month and then there’s Valentine’s Day.  The forecast doesn’t look good for February but they could be wrong so I’m going with that mindset.

So I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to this month.  I have my reading pile.img_0935-2

I love to read and this has brought me to a place where living is good and happy again.  “Yesterday and Tomorrow,” are not in my vocabulary and that is a good thing.  “Today” is my focus and that’s the best.  It’s my word of the year and I’m very happy I chose that word.  It really has been a game changer for me.

And the husband has been busy with his painting as usual.  Here are two of his latest Masterpiece’s…

These were how they looked as he was painting them.  This is where he’s at now.






Then we also got out and took road trip last weekend, albeit just a day road trip.  We went back to where it all started, i.e. where we grew up, met and got married yes some 42 years OMG ago.  Has it really been that long ??  Yes it has and what a wonderful journey it has been.  Just a really great life with my guy ❤  These are just a few pics I took of the old place.  The Aurelio’s Pizza was the first one built ever.  Well not actually the first one, because the first one was just a little take out place and only those people who lived out there (back in the day) know what I’m talking about.






The Church is St. Mary’s where I went to school for the first 8 years of my life and a picture of the original Aurelios.  The Krispy Kreme was just one of the only ones left open and we just had to stop and get a couple dozen of those ❤

I’m still working on my planner’s but right now they are looking like a hot mess so I need to get them looking pretty before I post.  I hope everyone’s winter is good.  Oh yes and one more thing, my Blackhawk’s are digging out of the hole they got themselves in.  Hoping to make it to some games before the playoff’s.  Yay, Go Hawks !!!

2 Comments on “January 31st

  1. I put the Stephen King book “On Writing” on my TBR list a while ago. Let me know if you like it. I have read the Breathe magazine and Flow is another one I like. 42 years is a terrific accomplishment and your husband’s paintings are terrific. Thanks for sharing, Patti.

    • Thanks for stopping by Janet. The book has been entertaining so for. The husband bought it for me and as you can see, I have a lot of reading to keep me busy…

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