Happy Friday

Wow what a storm.  It’s fun to watch from the confines of my warm home.  It is arctic frigid outside here though.  I’ve been out there and I know what it really is like.  I saw the street me and my granddaughter Gabriella go shopping on in Virginia Beach.  Wow all the snow.  My guys, Matthew & Connor are out in Virginia but thankfully not on the coast.  But as a mother I said, “Be prepared,” you never know.  A little swing west and they could’ve gotten hit.  Matthew sent me pics this morning, they did get the snow and Richmond just doesn’t know how to deal with that.  Good thing Matthew left on Tuesday and got back safely before the crazy storm hit.    I love to watch the power of Mother Nature.  Fascinating !!!

I am getting ready to up date all my journals.  I need a schedule.  The days go by so fast and before I know it it’s January 4th and I’m already behind.  My Chicago Blackhawks were on last night and they won !!!  W O O   H O O  ❤  I had to go to bed, I couldn’t watch the last 4 minutes.  Way too close of a game and then NY Rangers pulled the goalie.  My Hawks got a couple of empty netter’s.  Thank God ❤  So it’s really time to get serious because the playoffs will be here before you know it.  We hope to get in a few more games before then.  I think it will be a nail biter to the end of the season…Stay tuned

Stay warm out there ❤ Blessings  


2 Comments on “Happy Friday

  1. I’m working on getting my planners all together for the year too. Almost done. I have made my vision cards and that helps me stay grounded. Happy Friday to you too!

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