Happy New Year

No I don’t have any resolutions yet, just goals that I wrote down last night.  I feel stuck…Maybe because my brain is frozen.  Yes we are in the middle of a frozen tundra.  I’m just glad I’m here today to try and get something down on paper.  Friday night we had really are first snow.  I am no stranger to driving in the white stuff having lived here all my life so I’m not one of those people who forget how to drive.  But OMG when we went to get the husband from the train it had been snowing for awhile and the roads were covered.  You had to go slow and be careful.  When I was driving though and I was literally inching along I did not have control of my vehicle.  The tires were not gripping the road at all and it’s a not an old car and the tires are not bald.  When we finally got to the train station which is about 3/4 miles away, I told him to drive.  It was still scary because he said the same thing too.  He had never felt the car that out of control.  

Well thank God we got home safely but IDK what the heck was going on with that car.  Maybe it’s because we haven’t had snow like that in a couple of years, but I’m not driving in snow anymore !!!!  We are going to have to put on snow tires I think.  Because we have all wheel drive.  It really should’ve handled better than it did. 

Our new or really kind of old because we do it all the time our holiday hockey game and yes thank God they won !!!

Mom & Connie Hockey Strong

Anyways I’m taking Matthew to fly home today 😦  I’ll miss the boys but they have to get back to their life and I have enough to do with my life.  I have many new things I’m working on this year.  I just have to write it down, make it happen.  Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.  Happy New Year ❤

So those are just a few of my new journals that I’m working on.  I think I’ve gone a bit overboard but I’ll be stuck in the house for at least this week too cold to venture out !!!

6 Comments on “Happy New Year

  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with an excess of planner supplies 🙂 Scary snow driving. I’m glad all I have to deal with is rain, sometimes. Happy New Year!

    • It was really scary…I’m not driving ever again in the snow. In our first year of marriage I was in a really bad car accident. February 7th in a coma til March 21st. Paralyzed on the left side. Cars and driving creep me out in great weather. Don’t remember a thing about that day. I slept through that winter.

      • He was so strong. Didn’t leave my side for 5 straight days and nights. The nuns finally told him he needs to go rest and eat and take a shower 🙏🏻🙏🏻. That’s when I found out what a great man I had been blessed with ♥️♥️. Really the love of my life !!!

      • Situations like that either make or break relationships. Glad yours was the making kind.

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