Who Doesn’t Love the Nutcracker

Well I can think of a few who might be struggling with that question right about now with 4 shows to go after a gazillion performances.  I just wanted to share with you a couple of my really fun and great memories that I have with the Nutcracker.  I have 2 boys who danced the Nutcracker professionally as an amateur.   I think the latter was more fun.  Let’s face it work is work.  Here are some pictures of my youngest when he danced the first Nutcracker of his career.

Is this just the cutest kid ever.  That is my Connie, what a great smile and such a wonderful young man he’s become.  Connie I really miss those days.  They are forever imprinted on my heart.

Now onto my other one, Mr. Matthew…He’ll be finishing up his performances.  I think he has 4 left, OMG.

I tried to get him performing the dancing bear but was not successful.  It’s a great holiday tradition to have.  My boys dancing the Nutcracker ❤  Thanks for the memories ❤

Well they always survive the Nutcracker but how do you go from this to that…I guess that is what you call theater ❤  I’m glad you make it home ❤  They really are the coolest, but I’m their mom…Does that count, Merry Christmas and thanks for reading ❤

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