Happy Winter Solstice Day

Good afternoon and I’m sure everyone else is as happy as I am that we have finally broke the back of winter !!!  The days will start getting longer now so we can stay up til at least 7 pm…

Christmas is almost here and I think this has been one of the most stress free holiday seasons I have experienced ever 🙂  A  couple of cards mailed, a little holiday baking, spending Christmas with our guys doing what we love to do most___Watching Hockey.  Our Blackhawks have a 5 game winning streak going and it looks like they’ve gotten their groove back on.   So happy for that.   Talk to Matthew last night and asked how the Nutcracker was going and he said, “5 more shows.” Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but now is when they have to dig down deep as a performer and do those last 5 shows as energetic as the first 5.  But he’s living the dream 😉   Can’t wait to see them !!!

Here is my Day 21/Guidance  25 Days of God Given Gifts in my Merry Christmas Journal


My last calendars have come in the mail today.   Soooo  very excited to get planning for 2018.  I have my word of the year, b/c I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time so that must be the one I’m suppose to use.  I’ll reveal next week.  Stay sane out there and remember to smile and say Merry Christmas ❤  Hee Haw/Hats & Horns !!!!

I will post all my new calendars & planners.  Oh and I also will have some exciting news in the coming new year about our store, http://elancreationspainter.com   Can’t wait to share, Blessings ❤

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