Good Saturday Evening

I’m a little late today, but that just means I’ve been playing but hey it’s Saturday and that’s what the weekend is all about.  Sleeping in late, getting coffee with the husband. This morning instead of my oatmeal I had the most wonderful Almond Crescent.  The sun was shining bright, the coffee was amazing and we got all of those annoying little errands done.  Then we had dinner at PFChang’s and I stopped by a craft store and poked around a bit. 

I worked on my #decemberdaily/25 days of God Given Gifts…


I got my new “10 Year Journal”…Was so excited about that.  I have an old one, but so many not so great memories in that one, I thought I would start a new one and hopefully there will be better memories to record in this one going forward.  I only had 2 more years left in the other one, but I have not recorded in it since my dad died and a bunch of other stuff.  But I’m ready to move into a better place.  So I’m starting all over, new…

I also ordered all my new calendars and planners so I’m ready for the new year.  That was close, I nearly had no calendars at all.  New goals, plans and dreams just waiting to come true.  Hope your weekend is good, have fun with the rest of it.  Love Ya’ll, Blessings ❤

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