Day 15 Joy/25 Days of God Given Gifts

Today I am joyful.  This 25 Day journey has brought me closer to the real meaning of Christmas.  You never get to old to learn and I am joyful and blessed to be coming up on a new year with new planners and calendars.  Joyful for all of my blessings, my family and home.  Well I’ll stop because I could go on forever.  Oh and it’s payday which I’m sure everyone can relate to the joy that brings, especially around Christmas.  My plans for Christmas are all coming together.  You just need to have faith and believe that this is the season for miracles.   Blessings blogger’s and didn’t you love that song yesterday.  I’ve been listening to it and I just love it.   The guy is a great singer too.  It’s Friday and the weekends here, yay.  Remember to just stay calm and carry on…Here’s my Merry Christmas Journal for today.



2 Comments on “Day 15 Joy/25 Days of God Given Gifts

  1. Love your journal. I’ve got so many stickers for decorating my planners that I don’t use. I’m going to start using them! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh you really must. They bring me so much joy. I’m going to start working on all my Planner’s for 2018 and will be posting 🎄🎄 Thanks for stopping by ♥️♥️ Have a great rest of your weekend, Blessings 🎊🎊

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