Good Sunday Afternoon

So Connie is wheel’s up and on his way home, so sad… I hate goodbyes, but he’s got to get back to his life and I have to get busy with Christmas.  It was a nice visit and it was good to see him.  We watched Netflix all day yesterday.  OMG the strangest shows  but it was kind of fun.  I guess that what they refer to as binging on Netflix.

I am busy working on my Christmas Planner and keeping that up to date.  Yesterday I realized I have not ordered one calendar for next year, OMG I am way late.  I also have to get busy putting together my 2018 planners.  I’m not quite sure which ones I’m going to use so that’s a problem.  I’m actually going to build a library for my planner’s and get them organized. Same with my planner supplies.

I took pictures of my Merry Christmas Planner but my computer is not acting right so think I’ll probably see if I can reload them.  Here are some more pictures of our visit with Connie and the hockey game.  Oh and the first snow…Blessings ❤

Our first snow
Our first snow
The good old hockey game/mom & connie
Light the Lamp/Blackhawks Christmas Tree


2 Comments on “Good Sunday Afternoon

    • Thanks for stopping by. He just msg me and he’s half way home…Wheels down in Atlanta so he’s got a layover and then he’ll be home, albeit kind of late.

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