Chicago Blackhawks, yay

Yes we went to the game last night…So much fun with my guys ❤  They played the Buffalo Sabres who aren’t an especially great team in the standings, but then again we have some issues too.  Really it was an expected easy game, easy win if there is such a thing when it comes to professional hockey.  The fun story was the pre-game antics at home with what everyone was going to wear.  Me an Connie started out.  I was going to wear the Toews sweater and he was going to wear the very cool, “Winter Classic 2015” sweater that I had got him for Christmas that year.  

When I looked at it I thought his was much cooler than my Captain’s Sweater.  Hear are some pictures of the actual sweaters that we wore.

I liked his better because it was white and it had the laces in front so being Connie, (so sweet) he let me wear it.  I assured him I would not let anything happen to it.  I would be ever so careful when eating or drinking anything because he told me he has never even washed it (2015) really.  It still  looked new.  

We got to the game and immediately we loaded up on some food.  Hotdogs and Coke.  I start eating my hotdog (which I put way too much ketchup on w/a little bit of mustard) and I see that I’ve already got some mustard on the sleeve.  Connor immediately notices that and says, “Mom really you’ve got mustard on the sleeve, what are you doing !!!”  I cringed a bit and with the next bite, ketchup spurts out down the entire front onto his beautius winter classic sweater with the laces.  OMG we all couldn’t stop laughing.  I really didn’t think that was going to happen.

Well fast forward to today, actually this morning I washed it for the first time and it is beautius once again…OMG I am never wearing his sweater again.  I should’ve stuck with the red sweater at least you would not have seen all that ketchup on it…He was a great guy about it.  We were actually laughing so hard about it, because it was really funny 🙂

We had a really great time at the game and they won it in OT so that was the best too !!! 

2 Comments on “Chicago Blackhawks, yay

    • I know!!! I’m dying to get it cut, just haven’t had the time.. The husband likes it long so I’ll probably leave it for now. So much fun at the hockey 🏒 game and great seeing our youngest Connie. Glad they won too. Have a great rest of your Sunday and have a great week. Thanks for stopping by ♥️♥️

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