November’s Thankful 30/Day 12

Sunday’s they are a wonderful day to be thankful.  Sleeping in (that’s why we go to Saturday night’s Mass of course) brunch, football or hockey, and then the best of all the middle of the days afternoon nap.  Of course spending time with the family is very special.  Catching up on the past weeks happenings, looking forward to a brand new week with unlimited possibilities.  

Baking and cooking, watching a movie, having tea and something tasty to share with my person. This is what Sunday’s look like in my life and I am grateful for all of it.  I have been blessed with a family to love, a home to stay warm and dry and a beautiful kitchen to create in.

I am looking forward to an afternoon of planning the coming week and planning what the holidays will look like.  We will be taking a road trip out to Virginia to see our Matthew in the Nutcracker

and then hanging out by the ocean (Virginia Beach) to bring in the New Year.  Hoping for good weather, but it’s a crap shoot.  

Thanksgiving will be a quiet one, my favorite making reservations ❤  I do miss cooking and all of the craziness that goes on with that, but I do enjoy a great dinner and coming home, putting on my pajamas and watching the holiday movie season kick off.  Of course snacking on the leftovers I brought home from our dinner out.  This is when I just cook the fun stuff that I only make during special occasions like my onion goat cheese tart, (I’ll put the recipe up and pictures when I make it) or my shrimp cocktail platter…  I’m going to try out a new dump cake.  

 My Chicago Blackhawks won last night in OT !!! Woo Hoo, it was a nail biter.  I also have been working on my planner layouts for the week and will put up pictures of those.  I got some new really cool, awesome new planner supplies and I can hardly wait to start playing with those.

I hope you all are having a restful Sunday.   I’m making a brunch this afternoon, playing with my planner’s and the Blackhawks are home tonight, so I’ll be watching.  We are going in December, 100 level and the boy’s will be flying home for that.  Early Christmas presents. One of my favorite things to do with my guys…

Blessings for your Sunday and have a great week.  Oh and I have a really great Monday’s Masterpiece coming from the painter, so check back.  Love ya ❤


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