November’s Thankful 30/My Home

Every night when I get into bed, I am so thankful for my home.  It’s not very big (a 2 bedroom/2bath condo)…Living and dining areas.  A really nice kitchen which is very important because that’s still the heart of my home.  I love to cook.  

My home has gotten quieter since the kids have gone.  Now it’s just me and the husband and our 2 animals Mz. Elsa Mae & Bella.  It’s okay though, I think I have finally adjusted to that.  It feels exactly like what I thought it was going to feel like and I like it.  

I like it small, less maintenance.  Utilities are not as expensive and it’s just perfect for now for both of us.  Very cozy.  I like the neighborhood and I’m sure we’ll be moving on at some point this is just exactly where I want to be.  I can clean the whole house, company’s coming clean in less than an hour.  It central to every where I need to go.


I mean how much more perfect can that get.  I love it ❤  My people love to come home because it’s a perfect place to just be.  I love when they come home !!!

Then of course all of the meals I create in my kitchen…

So for today I am thankful for my home, be it ever so humble.  Dorothy I think said it best, “There’s no place like home.”  Blessings ❤

2 Comments on “November’s Thankful 30/My Home

  1. Yes, lovely home and delicious meals! Something to be especially grateful for in light of the recent fires in my area and hurricanes elsewhere! Happy Tuesday.

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