November’s Thankful 30

A quote someone once told me, a handprint on my heart ❤

My greatest gift and blessing and one that brings me back to being thankful is the privilege of being a mom.  Never has anything touched my heart and soul so deeply was than to have a family.  I can truly say that was the best time of my life, creating new life.  Such great memories.  I’ll just give you some pictures to look through my journey.  


That was just a snippet of the beginning.  So much has changed since those pics.  But I’m still grateful for being a part of that family once upon a time ago.  Fast forward to my Journey.




Then the pictures change and some have left…


And now there is just me and the husband, full circle but with a lot more memories and faces.  A lot more love too.  I love being your mom ❤  A few more pics, blessings this week and always remember to end the day with Thank you ❤

My Forever
Best Buds
Me & Duck Donuts

My hockey guys
D.Randall Blythe/Lead Singer/Lamb of God
Chicago Cut Steakhouse
Date night at the playoffs
Dad and his boys
Patti & Mike

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