Masterpiece Monday

Good Monday morning blogger’s.  I hope your weekend was fun and festive with it being Halloween.  Let’s hope you dragged out your ghoul’s and ghost’s costumes.Our Matthew in the Stage Ballet as a Ghoul, "Dracula"  Here is our Matthew as a Ghoul in the Ballet, “Dracula” in Milwaukee, WI.   That was probably 4 years ago. IMG_0516 We just hung out because husband was decompressing from his business travel last week.  I stayed home because it was just one day in San Antonio, TX and 2 days of travel.   So the husband’s way to decompress is painting of course.  Here is the Monday’s Masterpiece, which I don’t think will be finished for a bit.

I don’t mind when he goes out of town because it’s usually just a few times a year.  I think it’s good to have some alone, just me time too.  Went out with a girlfriend for dinner, which is always good to have that chit/chat and reconnect.  I also got my nails done which is one of my favs.  Did some work with the planner’s of course.  The weather was good but it’s kind of cold now, but that was bound to happen.

This week is going to fly by with Halloween and then can you believe it’s November already.  Of course that means it Holiday time.  I think we will take a road trip for Thanksgiving out East to see my guys for Thanksgiving.  Then probably Christmas at home.  I also have a dentist appt. with Dr. Scott.  Hopefully that will be it for the dentist for awhile.  I’m getting a temporary crown replaced with a permanent.  It will be nice to see our friends too.   So that’s it for my week.  Make sure you go take a look at our website  We have put some new pieces up.  Don’t forget the Holidays are right around the corner.  

Have a great week and a safe and Happy Halloween.  Blessings ❤



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