Just Start

What can I say, I’m just not in my writing place.  So many distractions with all of the horror of yesterday.  We cancelled our trip out to Vegas.  We were going to stay at Mandalay Bay, but that’s not going to happen now.  I don’t like staying at hotels anyways and with all of that, well no it’s not going to happen.

Just going to start working on my planner’s and the puck drops on Thursday so I think I’ll focus on that.  We had a great visit with our youngest and his girlfriend last week.  Hopefully I’ll get back to blogging more.  Weather is still great for now so enjoying that.


We went out to lunch.  Such a nice couple.  I think we’ll take a road trip out to Virginia now that Vegas is not happening.  Have a great day ❤  I’m going to try to do something positive to shake this off.  I love you Connor and Melissa ❤

4 Comments on “Just Start

  1. Cute couple. We went to Vegas last year for our anniversary and stayed in the Excalibur which is across the street from the Mandalay. I saw the hotel (it looks like a castle) in one of the pictures from the news and it was scary to think how close we were to the area. You will blog when you feel it. I am sporadic myself but have a few new ideas floating in my brain.

    • Thanks for stopping by ❤ I think of all kinds of things to write about as I'm laying awake at 2 o'clock in the morning. I even think I should get up and blog, but then I decide that's probably not a good way to fall asleep. But I'm working it out with my planners, so much fun and let's not forget the puck drops T O M O R R O W !!! B O O M We (me and my Connie) will be there.

      • Yay for your Hockey. I am in a state of mourning over the end, for my team, of the baseball season.

      • Our team had a rough season too, Chicago White Sox..So glad that train wreck is over. Husband says they are rebuilding, whatever. I’m just so happy it’s Hockey, yay 🙂

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