The End of the Summer Bucket List

So good Saturday morning to everyone.  Sadly it is the end of the summer or getting pretty close. It hasn’t been a great summer ever since we lost our little Louie. That really threw me because it was so unexpected and it happened so fast.  He got sick on Saturday, July 1st and was gone on Sunday, July 2nd.


 This was our sweet little louie taking his morning nap in our bed…I hate that he had to go so quickly.  I can’t get another cat right now because well there just isn’t one for us right now and my sweet little old lady, Mz. Elsa Mae I’m pretty sure is getting ready to go. She’s 15 years old.  I was preparing myself for that when louie happened and so now I don’t even want to think about losing Mz. Elsa…


Yes these are all of my friends now.  They are the best and I really love hanging out with them and taking care of them.  So I’m minus 1 kitty and well I just hope my dogs are going to be around for awhile.  

I just thought I would check in and let you know I’m still here but feeling sad.  I hope to get back to posting, but I’m just now in the posting kind of  place right now…

So I was going to do my, “End of the Summer Bucket List” which today I’m doing one of those. We are going to the White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals today.  First game of the season, OMG I can’t believe that.  But that was on my bucket list.  Go to a baseball game.  Maybe that will make me feel better.  It’s August and I have birthday’s to celebrate and our 38th Anniversary W O W !!!  Oh and our sweet little Gabriella is going to go to the ballgame with here grandmama & grandpapa and that is just going to be so much fun.  Yes I’ve got my girl back and two more and they are just beautiful, amazing, well there really are no words to explain having them back in our life.  Except maybe, “Thank You, God.  I am truly blessed.”   Happy Weekend.  I’ll put some pics up of us at the game, check back tomorrow, love you and blessings 😉   


These were some of our adventures with our sweet little Gabriella.  She’s just grown into a beautiful young lady and I’m so proud to be her grandmama.  She once said to me, (when she was like 5) “You are the coolest person I have ever known.”  I will never forget those words.  They are engraved on my heart forever.  I love you Gabriella ❤   

4 Comments on “The End of the Summer Bucket List

  1. Patti, I’m happy to read your post, and I get it – sometimes you just don’t have it in you to post. But look at you – you balanced the terrible loss of your beloved Louie with the absolute joy of being with your Gabriella. Blessings, my friend 💚💚💚💚💚💚

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