Happy Birthday Connie

I know I’ve already done a blog for one of your birthday’s before, but this year I thought I’d do something a little different.  Instead I thought I would go back through the years and watch you grow up all over again because it was such a blast to do it the first time.  You were the easy one, I finally got it (the mom thing) you were our 5th !!! after all.  So I hope you will step back in time with me and watch your amazing life.   So sit back and enjoy because this is your life, Connie…I love you ❤

 Here I was probably 4/5 months pg with Connor ❤   At Grandmama’s dyeing eggs for Easter.  We look like we are having so much fun 😉  

Easter, 1992/Grandma's
Are we having fun yet, Easter dying eggs at Grandma’s


We can’t forget about that wonderful Christmas Card Family Picture and I must say you did not disappoint…


I get an “A” for getting that done !!!  You’ll never know ❤

Onto the preschool years.  You always took a great picture.


Onto grade school…


How much fun did we have watching you live life !!!!


And we can’t forget these although I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t mind it we did 😉


Okay, but I just think you were adorable as a mother should…I love you Connie, don’t hate me ❤

Happy 17th Birthday. It said Happy 16th too because I didn’t want to get accused of not getting you a birthday cake when you were 16 again 😉
On the road again …
The Chicago Academy of the Arts
The theater again…

Turn around, turn around and you’re grown…Turn around, turn around and you gone ….  




















Yay Connie…You graduated !!!!
Proud Mama & Papa…We love you to the moon!!!













Now onto your 20’s…            

Joffrey Trainee
Baseball with the brother’s, Matt & John Mark at Comiskey Park, or the Cell, or who knows what it is called now…The White Sox
Mimi’s in Short Pump, Richmond, VA
The Winter Classic in DC with my Hockey Buddy !! I love you. Thank you for getting me into the game. I love it ❤
Watching them win the Stanley Cup !!! Let’s bring it home again…
New Year’s at Book Binder’s in Richmond, VA
My Guys…Connie & Matthew…I am blessed





































Here are some extra credit Pictures that I’m sure you’ll enjoy…

We’ve located the unibomber !!!

I really hope you have a great birthday and that you enjoy the look back.  Your were a great kid.  Happy Birthday Mr. Connor Frain, we love you ❤   


Connie on Novacaine



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