Goodbye May, Hello June

So our summer starts today.  It will start out fast too, so I’m pretty sure June is already over. 

First thing we have going on is an Art Exhibit out in Galena.  All Creatures Great and Small, Animals in Art at the Galena Center of the Arts.  We are so excited.  Galena has always been  our place.  We use to go out there with the family all the time.  Great memories and we will be able to see some old friends which we are looking forward too.  Our oldest graduated from college out there so we will be visiting with some of his old friends.  Looking forward to that.

Then Father’s Day and our Matthew’s 29th Bday OMG where does the time go.  Hopefully we will get them both home and we can have a celebration of sorts.  

Lastly me and the husband, Matthew & Connor will be going to the NHL Draft and Fanfest on June 24th.  So exciting, I’ll get to see all the Blackhawks and the guys, well they care about the draft but I really don’t know too much about that.  It’s just going to be fun to see hockey and be at the Madhouse on Madison.

My other goals for the month are to get the place spring cleaned, plant some flowers, get a grill for the patio out back with some outdoor furniture.  I have to clean the garage out and get the car cleaned.  On the other hand, I have 3 books I want to read.  I’m still working on my planner library.  I have got my prayer journal and war binder almost set up.  I’m working on my Listersgottalist planner one next, that is going to be fun.  Oh and another thing I started with is Bible Journaling. I put on my Bucket list to read the Bible.  When I started down that road, I ran into a new art, Bible Journaling.  Well if you know me at all, then you know I’m all over anything with the word journal attached to it.  I’ll go into it more on a future post, but there’s so much to it.  Supplies, Lettering, yadayadayda.  I’ll be putting up what I have.  It’s a very cool way to read the bible.  Here’s what I have started so far..IMG_4525 

So you see with all that, June is just going to fly by.  I’m sure glad I got my Summer of Fun planner done.  


4 Comments on “Goodbye May, Hello June

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! We just came back from a trip to Reno for 4 nights and that is probably going to be our “big” vacation for the year. We do have 9 concerts coming up over the summer months so that’s what I’m looking forward to. I do have it in my mind to try and get to the beach once or twice too, since we live so close. Looking forward to seeing all your journals! What’s a war journal?

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