My 2017 Summer of Fun Planner

I haven’t been around much lately, IDK why just because.  I have however started working on my 2017 Summer of Fun Planner.  First I’ll give you a visual of it and then we’ll talk…

This is what it looks like from the outside.  It is a TN (Medori size, Standard Travel Planner)   I make one of these every year to record my summer in.  Not so much last year, because last summer well for lack of a better word, well you know.  So onto my 2017 Summer of Fun Planner.

Yes I know I should be doing a video but I will have to wait for one of my tech savvy handsome son’s to come home and help because I do not know how to do that nor do I have the motivation to learn.  I think it’s better to read about it anyways…

My planner has 4 sections not including all of the little pockets to put stuff in.  Stay with me now.  First you open up my planner and you will see the pockets that I have decorated with cards and emephera .  I also have some stickers behind a flap. All of these things I can take  with me and my planner and decorate, embellish in my travels.  Airports, Coffee Houses, Hotels, yadayada i.e. a travelor’s notebook.  You can also keep receipts, tickets.  You get the picture.   I love to journal, or just doodle and this is great for that too.   IMG_4497 

The first section is my calendar section.  I know in this day and age of the smart phones, this is just more fun to keep track of meetings, appointments, numbers and you don’t have to charge it or turn it off when you get on the plane…

My second section is notes which I use for anything I want to write down that I don’t want to forget….It’s also a place where I keep my lists such as Books I will read this year and a Task List.  If you look at the back of the calendar section, I have a pad of sticky notes/planner girl that I use throughout my planner.

The third section is my planning section, ‘To Do’ i.e. errands, housekeeping, emails, phones calls, to buy, appts. and activities, business. misc.

3rd Section/Planning

The fourth and last section of my TN is the one for keeping track of expenses.  Not the most fun one, but necessary and a good place to keep track of money things when you are on the road.

4th Section/Financial

In the back of the TN, I have some more pocket cards with emephera and sticky notes.  There’s also a pen loop.

Back Cover

So that’s it, my 2017 Summer of Fun TN.  You just close up with the band and throw it in you bag and boom you are ready for anything & everything 🙂  Well maybe not everything…

My 2017 Summer of Fun Planner

Blessings, come back and visit soon.  I’ll have some more detail on my planners ❤

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