Soggy Sunday

Actually it has been an awful rainy, raw, cold weekend.  We’ve stayed in all weekend and just watched movies and sports all weekend long…Well the husband has watched the sports because I’m still not over my Blackhawks losing and well I’m just glad the Capitals are down 0/2 against Penguins.  I hate the Capitals.

So I have stumbled onto something really fun.  When I was browsing around my planner supplies, I stumbled onto the creative bible. I have wanted to read the bible cover to cover.   It’s on my bucket list.  So I thought this would be a great way to read the bible and  I have so many art supplies I can use.  I also needed to have something to do while it rained, and rained so I bought, ‘My Creative Bible.’  I also have a built in artist, the husband who will be able to help me and give me pointers.  I might have shared some of his artwork along the way 😉

So this is what I’ve been doing all weekend and it’s been fun.  What do you think ??

I think it’s coming along … The husband will stop by and really make some of it pop.  He’s just good at the art thing, colors and shading.  

2 Comments on “Soggy Sunday

  1. It’s lovely! Interestingly, I got a new bible to color in too! Mine is “One Year Bible Expressions.”

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