Pretty Planner

Well I got my planner supplies for this month and I just love, love, love them.  It’s from ‘The scarlet lime/Planner Society…  No relationship with this blog, it’s just a coincidence that I literally just noticed.  I have been getting my planner kits from her for over a year and I just  love playing with all of it.

I have wanted to do a blog on my planner stuff so I finally think this is the right time to start.  I will just show you the kit that I got this weekend.  I got all of it organized and when I start planning with my planner, I’m going to show you some pics of it.  It’s really like occupational therapy.  It takes my trouble away ❤  Blessings and enjoy my pictures of my beautius planner ❤  ( I have to find something to take my mind off the hockey thing, ugh) 😉


Next is a planner I’m using for ‘Listersgottalist’ club.  I really just started this one, but it’s a great community ❤


Below I’ll show you my planner from last months kit.  This kit was so beautius and I’m still playing around with it.  I’m also getting into some bible journaling/war binder.  Looks very cool.  I figure this is all leading somewhere and I have had a passion for planners and journaling my entire life ❤

This journal is my traveler’s notebook. I take it everywhere with me, fits nice in my purse.  I think I am going to start from scratch with this new planner kit and use my webster pages personal size planner.  I’ll post and put pictures up along the way ❤  Blessings

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