#atozchallenge/’R’ is for Roughing

I’m glad I wrote this last night.  My Blackhawk’s are done for the season.  Like I said it’s a hard trophy to win.  Their season was great, but they fell apart in the playoff’s.  This is the first time they have been swept in the playoffs since 1993 and they were favored to win the Cup.  And they got knocked out in the first round, what a drag…
Roughing is an offense and penalty in ice hockey when two players are in a minor altercation. The incident would have to be minor for either player to be categorized as such an offense such as: A player striking another opponent. A goalie using their equipment to punch an opponent.

Roughing – Wikipedia

Yes hockey is mayhem on ice.  Tempers flair and someone drops the gloves and then fists get flenched.  They are allowed to fight until someone hits the ice, then the fight is stopped and someone maybe from both sides are going to the sin bin…

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